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Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Soap

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When i go out on the trail, i know one thing for sure: I’m gonna get freaking dirty.

There’s more than a few options out there as far as hygiene products go, but I myself prefer this one:
Dr Bronners liquid soap.

One reason is that its organic, so no detergent or chemicals and crap go into making this stuff. Its ‘castile’ soap, meaning its all vegetable based.

The other reason is that you can use this for lots of things. They boast that there are 18 uses for their soap, but here’s just a few:

Washing your hands.
Toothpaste: Peppermint doesn’t taste like peppermint, you should know. However, I am told that the ‘Baby Mild’ formula has a better taste. Please don’t accuse me of hating on Peppermint.
Mouthwash: Just add a dash into some water and gargle.
Shaving: Assuming you’d want to shave on a backpacking trip, you can use this. But….why?
Washing your dog: Assuming you’d want to wash your dog in the middle of the woods, mountain or desert, this will do the trick. But again…why?
Cleaning your food. I always feel awesome when I’m using a vegetable based product to wash a vegetable. (Not really.)
Cleaning your cookware: Use it full strength to clean tough grease. I carry a small sponge in my cook kit to help out.

Just about the only thing it won’t clean up is your language! Wocka wocka!

Dr Bronners makes several several different scents:
Baby Mild soap
Tea tree

There are several size bottles available:
2oz, 4oz, 8oz, 16oz, 32oz, 64 oz, 1 gal, and tanker truck. They also make bar soap.
The label has some weird writing on it about starship earth or something. i don’t know what that means. I’m afraid to read it aloud in it’s entirety for fear of opening up some kind of vortex, like when Ash was sucked into that strange dimension in ‘Army of Darkness’.

I like to repack my soap into smaller bottles like this to save pack space and weight. I never need a whole bottle when I’m out on a trip.

Also, some of these may smell like food to some animals, so be careful about using those if you are concerned about animals coming into you camp. I personally have not been attacked by hungry bears or raccoons, but it could happen. You never know. You never, ever, never know.


Boring Disclaimer: I bought this product with my own moolah and nobody forced me to say good or bad about it. I also drew this cartoon myself and I own it, so if you want to use or distribute it, just get my permission first. Okay?


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