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Sea to Summit Pocket Trowel

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The Sea to Summit Pocket Trowel

The reinforced nylon trowel is constructed of Nylon 66, the alloy version is 6066- T6 aluminum alloy.  Both are very lightweight and telescopes down to a smaller size, taking up less pack space.The handle has a removable cap that lets you put a small roll of toilet paper inside (Emphasis on

SMALL amount) or anything else that will fit.  If you are like Andrew Skurka and can survive on two squares of Charmin a day or just use ‘natural’ TP (aka rocks, twigs, leaves and pinecones) you probably won’t care. Then again, if you are THAT ultra light, you will probably shun a 3oz poop trowel and find a lighter option or just use a tent stake or something to dig your cat hole.

Anyway, both are about 5.5″ collapsed and 9.75″ extended. The nylon trowel weighs only 3 oz (87 grams), compared to the alloy version, which is 3.5oz.  However, if you are going to be using it in tough or rocky soil, you may want to opt for the more durable Alloy trowel.

The alloy trowel is the best choice if weight and money aren’t a concern, and will run you around $20, twice the price of the nylon.




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