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“Evertime I Shop For Gear…”

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Surely, I can’t be the only person who sees a piece of gear that makes my head spin with gearlust, only to be heartbroken seconds later when I see that it’s light years out of my price range. (Well, assuming I still want to be able to pay my mortgage, anyway.)  I heard a quote a while back that was something like ‘Cutting pounds is cheap, but you’ll go broke cutting ounces.’ And it’s kind of true. I mean, you can go to Dick’s Sporting Goods and get a Eureka! 4 pound solo tent for $100. For $25 more, you can get a 34 ounce solo tent from Six Moon Designs. Do that for your ‘Big 3’ (tent, sleeping bag, backpack) and you can spend a relatively small amount of money and cut several pounds off of your BPW ( that’s base pack weight, to the uninformed). But when you make the decision to start cutting weight on all your gear, every possible ounce, you gotta start switching from an aluminum pot to a titanium pot, from a heavy car camping Coleman air mattress to something like a NeoAir Xlite, from a sil-nylon tent to a cuben fiber shelter, etc. And that’s where you either start spending buckets of cash on new gear or you get used to disappointment. I’m very fortunate that I am able to get free gear from time to time, but so far, a 12 ounce cuben fiber shelter hasn’t shown up on my doorstep, so I just sit, looking out the window, wishing I had $400 I didn’t need so I could go buy one.


One thought on ““Evertime I Shop For Gear…”

  1. I hear that! Preparing for our family bicycle/camping tour and giving myself migraines stressing over the cost of every weight saving!

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