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The Official Limited Edition Brian Green Papertoy

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brianpapertoyOkay, this thing has gotten quite a few positive comments since I posted it on Facebook, so I thought I’d post the template so you guys can print out and assemble your very own Brian Green papertoy. Carry him wherever you go!

It’s so small, I probably wasted the time it took to draw the knife clipped in Brian’s pocket because you can barely see it, but I just get excited about putting in little details (even if I’m the only person who knows). However, there is an iPhone on his side (visible in the template below) and I tried to draw the Suunto and Fitbit on his wrists. (I told you I enjoy details.)

I should have created his sidekick, Coco the Hiking Dog, but I had a hard time finding an appropriate dog papertoy template online. Perhaps that will be part of the BG 2.0 Playset released just in time for Christmas 2014? 😉 Kidding.

For those who haven’t noticed, this is a 3D representation of Brian’s profile pic on the Brian’s Backpacking Blog Facebook page. 


And here’s the templates in PDF format, both the figure model and the background picture display.

brian-papertoy00 (Figure)

brian-papertoy01 (Background Display)

I know a paper toy model isn’t normally what you expect to see on an ‘outdoor blog’, but when I started GearToons, I decided that I wanted to do something unique and looked at hiking and backpacking from my perspective in life and included the things I love, like art, comics and humor. I plan to continue doing my little blog thing here as long as I’m having a good time and everyone else is, too.

BTW, if any of you are interested in commissioning a personalized papertoy for yourself, email me at or PM me at the GearToons Facebook page.

Thanks  for following GearToons.


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