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The (Long Distance) Walking Dead papertoy: ‘Caboose’

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Okay, so maybe I’m a little narcissistic, but I just had to make myself into a papertoy. I thought I’d make it just a little different, though. The Walking Dead is my favorite tv show, so I thought I’d make myself into a ‘walker’. Why? Because, I like to think that in a zombie apocalypse, I’d be one of the gang holed up with Rick and Daryl; packing double .45’s like a character in a John Woo movie, leveling zombies left and right and storming into Woodbury shooting up the place like the Wild Bunch. But honestly, I’d probably be just another hungry rotting corpse stumbling through the woods in my Marmot jacket and FiveFinger shoes. So, that’s exactly how I drew myself.


So anyway, Here’s the template. We’ll call this the “Caboose'”. My trail name is ‘Caboose’, appointed to me by myself, quite accurately because I am usually at the end of the line of hikers in the group.

This papertoy is an older design that I did a while back and it’s just slightly more advanced than the last one I designed.

zombieszombie lower suit

Here’s the PDF files:  LDWD Page One  LDWD Page Two

Just for funsies, these are some ‘Desk Zombie’ paper toys I’ve also designed.

z5 z4 z3 z2 z1

Note: All the paperboys seen here are copyrighted material and property of Keith Stone, so don’t try to sell these or make a buck of someone else’s work. Print and use these for personal use all you want, but if you share or post it somewhere else, be sure to credit Keith Stone or GearToons blog as the original author.


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