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Eagle Creek Pack-It Sac

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I found the Eagle Creek Specter Pack-it Sac on a few weeks ago at a bargain basement price. I already had the Pack-it Specter Quik Trip, which you may have read about on Brian’s Backpacking Blog a while back. (That’s where I saw it, too.). I really liked it and have used it both for backpacking trips as well as business trips, so when I found the Pack-it Sac (hereafter referred to as the ‘Sac’), I grabbed it up.

The Sac weighs barely over a half ounce (0.6oz) and measures 10” x 8” and is constructed of Ripstop Silnylon. I know that this is several times heavier than a quart sized ziploc bag, which is normally what I use, but this is a bit more durable and not very transparent. (If you are carrying along something potentially embarrassing, like anti-foot fungus cream, you may not want other folks in your group to see what all is in your personal items bag. Not that I have foot fungus, mind you. I’m just trying to get my point across. I swear.)


The Sac has a zipper with a small pull cord to help you open it up easier in  case you’ve got gloves on.  Also, there’s a plastic spring carabiner on a swivel that’s handy. However, you could cut this off and save a fraction of an ounce or replace it with something lighter and smaller, I suppose. Since the whole thing weighs barely over a half ounce, I haven’t bothered to replace the carabiner, which I like having on there.


I used the Sac to pack my first aid kit, toiletries, wallet and a few other things in. I’ve also used my Pack-it Quick Trip for this purpose and had room to spare. ( If you like having zippered compartments, the Specter may be better suited for you. ) I liked being able to clip the Sac onto my backpack, so unless I can’t stuff all my things into it and need more room, I’ll continue to use this and leave the ziploc bags for freezer bag cooking.


One thought on “Eagle Creek Pack-It Sac

  1. oh my…all that stuff in one little bag, and to think I’ll be hiking with you next month. I’d cut that biner off though, just saying. 🙂

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